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MOU - Bearing my pain

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A song from the world of Neo Noir

(Written & Recorded in 2008)

Produced by Kaizer Xan

English Alt Rock

Shashank Bhatnagar

Composed by Shakti Singh

Lyrics by Shashank Bhatnagar

Featured Music Video

A song which Predicted The Future

(Written & Recorded in 2011)

English & Punjabi Rap Battle

Shahid Beig vs Angad Sobti

Produced by Kaizer Xan

Composed by Shahid Beig

Lyrics by Shahid Beig & Angad Sobti

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June 2022

September 2022


Wings of Wisdom is a record and publishing label which produces music and books based on ancient wisdom, contemporary awareness and knowledge of the future.

Art of gathering sounds, stories, tunes, tales, melodies, myths and combine them with ideas, information, creativity from different lands and cultures.

For us political borders are nothing more than just an imaginary line on the vast geography. WOW will begin with the exploration of the Past Present & Future of Asia & Eurasia.

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